Theres no real reason for me to give up. I had two months where I got $85 a month so Im close to the $100 a month. This isn't my main source of income. Medium still seems to be the best in terms of publishing - you can still self-publish…

Why does it matter when he should be resting in power

Image from the World Justice Project

By anyone’s standards, the Honorable Colin Powell was an American hero. His leadership helped shape American policy for the last part of the 20th century and the early part of the 21st. He was the first Black national security adviser and the 65th Secretary of State when he served under…

The fear is magnified along with the idea of personal choice

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The data shows that 17% of the African Americans in our country are unvaccinated.

I understand that some may live in marginalized areas where the vaccine isn’t easily accessible.

Many of the African American community are scared to death about taking it. I used to be much harsher with unvaccinated people.

While I do get upset at people who are willfully unvaccinated (see link)…

You hit the nail on the head. The times where we worked under insufferable positions and gaslighted about it is changing. My generation had you coming to work if your arms and legs were cutoff and still work a full day. It's easier to insult the masses than it is to actually create a work environment that is suitable for normal humans.

Here is what they don’t tell you about it

Photo by Dwi Agus Prasetiyo on Unsplash

The latest combination of words designed to keep you from taking the vaccine that could save your life or the life of the person next to you is natural immunity.

Here is how it works. First of all, you have to catch Covid and not die. Why? If you don’t…

Lets get clear about what we are talking about

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One day the algorithms closed the door to my readership. Swiftly. If I was more cognizant, I would’ve made a note of the specific day. There was a clear divide between the daily reads I was getting to almost no reads at all.

I have no reason to be upset…

You don’t have to feel great to do great things

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“GO, GO, GO!”

That’s the chant heard around the world from all the productivity gurus.

Wake up early in the morning, meditate, get your green juice ready and drink your bulletproof coffee!

Get an insane amount of work done before 9am!

For those of you who can actually do that…

The Rise and Fall of the Social Audio Unicorn

Photo by Prithivi Rajan on Unsplash

“You are bringing in so much negative energy into the house!”

My wife started to argue with me about my experiences on the Clubhouse app.

I originally spent my time talking, networking with amazing people, and creating mind-blowing projects when I joined in March.

Now I argue with people who…

Don’t be that guy or gal anymore

Image by Sammy-Williams from Pixabay

The Circle is a reality show where people compete against each other for the prize of $100,000. The contestants never see anyone face to face and only interact through profiles, pictures and texts. They can pretend to be whoever they want to win the game. …

Facebook and Instagram have been broken for a long time

Photo by Barefoot Communications on Unsplash

“I’m getting off Facebook. I’m done.”

I had that conversation with my wife when we came back from vacation a year ago. We went to this out-of-the-way place that was perfectly isolated due to COVID. …

Anthony Williams

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