Its a nightmare. There was a Twilight Zone episode where there was a threat of nuclear holocaust. One guy had bomb shelter and everyone in the neighborhood felt entitled to get in. The neighbors beat the door down, and even made racist remarks to each other in impending stress when before that they played bridge and celebrated birthdays. They found out that the impending doom was a hoax and realized the real fallout was dealing with each other. One more sci-fi reference - an Original Star Trek episode where there was a commander who legally assumed command over the enterprise but had PTSD. The guy was willing to send the ship straight into destruction regardless of the consequence.

These two examples reflect the fact that Covid has shown us that we are a community only in theory. The reality is that you can't trust the person next to you. In a community you have an unspoken trust that the people in your community got your back. No one has your back. They don't care if you die with a tube down your throat if it means they have to inconvenience themselves for a couple of hours or even minutes. They won't even feel remorse if you die based on listening to what they said. They will say its your fault. We saw this in the Trump admin where people were so batshit crazy that they actually believed that Star of David shaped death star-like ships run by Jews were shooting lasers out of the sky. Amplified by Covid - we see that we are deeply distrustful of each other - and should be.


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